Week #34: First World Problems

It only takes a few minutes of reading the daily news headlines to get a sense of all the huge things going on in the world and the tragedies that people face everyday.

Even everyday life, non-news days are difficult on a regular basis in some parts of the world. Many in the U.S. are really very fortunate and yet we still find things to complain about on a regular basis. We obsess about our looks while others worry about finding a meal that day. We get annoyed if the Wi-Fi isn’t working, as others wander homeless not knowing where to go next.

Hearing about what’s going on in Afghanistan, with people fighting for their survival, is a reminder that what most of us take for granted isn’t a given for many others around the world.

This week’s song, from 2018, pokes fun at those stupid things we waste time stressing about. I started writing it after getting frustrated while I was getting ready for work. None of my clothes seemed to fit, I changed my outfit a couple of times and was feeling really negative. I finally snapped out of it after getting annoyed with the complaining tone of my inner voice.

It was one of those mornings when nothing fit right
I changed my outfit at least a dozen times
As I headed out the door and into my life
The skin I’m in felt like the wrong size

I don’t know if it’s evident, but I was making fun of the way I felt that morning. Really, changing your outfit a dozen times? Get over yourself, nobody really cares what you wear. Be grateful that you have a choice of clean clothes to wear. I was also overly exaggerating to make a point – not only do my clothes not fit right – my skin doesn’t fit right either, poor me.

First World problems
Don’t bring me down, don’t drag me around
First World problems
I’ll find a way to save my day from First World problems

Don’t let those First World problems get you down – instead focus on all the good stuff. Family, friends, food, shelter, etc.

Traffic on the highway, construction on the road
I seem to hit every red light, I should have stayed at home
I forgot an umbrella and wore the wrong shoes
This rainy day has left me feeling blue

How many times have you gotten upset in traffic? Me: Um, yeah. Especially in Los Angeles. My husband says I become a whole different person when driving in L.A. But why isn’t anyone going? Why don’t they just MOVE? Where are they all going???!!! GO!!!!

OK, yes, annoying traffic and bad weather can spoil your mood if you let them.

And now for the technology frustrations:

My WiFi’s down, I can’t connect
Another new password I’m gonna forget
My battery’s low, I left my charger at home
My GPS led me down the wrong road

I remember what life was like before WiFi, computer passwords, phone batteries and GPS. Man, I’m old. But now we’ve introduced them into our lives, rely on them and let them frustrate us. Try not to let those little things get you down, OK?

First World problems
Don’t bring me down, don’t drag me around
First World problems
I’ll find a way to save my day from First World problems
First World problems.


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