The Holidays are Here

Signs of the season are showing, Santa Claus in the malls, trees are glowing
Something in the air, an extra dose of good cheer, the holidays are here!

The signs are now out there – glowing trees, sparkling snowflakes and cheery greetings of “Happy Holidays!”

This means that it’s time for Christmas songs and other holiday songs, so I thought I’d share two holiday playlists created by songwriting communities. Both include a song I released last month called “The Holidays are Here,” that I co-wrote with Lisa Quam (Lisa Hart) back in 2019 (it was called “Signs of the Season” at that time) and we recorded her version of the song that year, with producer Kenny Starr, and in 2020 it was included on the Substance Radio Podcast’s holiday episode (#1181).

Now that we’ve both been working on recording songs from home, we decided to return to the song and re-record it so we worked with producer Matt Moss Music, who created the musical tracks and we recorded two versions, one with her vocal track and one with mine. I released my version in early November:

The song is available at, Bandcamp and multiple streaming services.

Here’s the first playlist, “2Indie & Friends Christmas Songs, from 2Indie, which features holiday songs by indie singer-songwriters. 2Indie was started by John Clinebell (who taught the curriculum in Cathy Heller’s Catch the Moon 6 Figure Songwriting course I took back in 2019) and Sonnet Simmons. Their aim is to help songwriters learn how to have their music used in TV, film and commercials and they generously started this playlist to provide an opportunity for songwriters to share their songs:

This other playlist, Independent Christmas 2022, is created by Cayla Brooke. She’s part of Bree Noble’s Female Musician Community/

I hope these holiday songs add to your holiday cheer and that you have a happy holiday season!


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