From my home to yours

The official release of “Our Home” is this Friday, May 27!

I released it on my website, on May 20 so I could share it with family and friends and was so touched by the sweet messages I received. Most of the people I know in my day-to-day life weren’t aware that I write songs so the support and encouragement was incredible and so appreciated. Additionally, there were also a few paid downloads, which is the first time I received payment for one of my songs in 40 years of songwriting so that was pretty cool, too! Not for the sake of receiving money but the idea that one of my songs actually had monetary value. What a concept!

Since Friday is the official release, that means that it will also be available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Instagram/Facebook, TikTok Pandora, Amazon, YouTube, iHeartRadio and more.

One thing that is especially cool to me about this process in connection with this particular song is that I remember so clearly writing it as our family was in the process of moving. I’d sing it over and over again, as I typically do when writing a song, as we were packing, as I was driving, etc., trying different words and phrases as the song developed, the emotions from the move working their way into the song (this door, this wall, these rooms, those stairs…). Because it wasn’t that long ago (fall 2019), my sons remember it well (because, as I said, I sang it over and over and over again during that time…). So for them to see how this single song that captured a moment in our family’s life will now be heard across the world (if anyone actually listens to it…), it’s pretty incredible.

I hope that this also shows my boys the possibility that if you keep working toward your dreams something can materialize. I don’t know what yet, but this release is a big step for me.

In less than a week, according to my website stats, the song has played in the United States (mainly in Arizona but also California, Oregon, Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, Missouri, Georgia, Wyoming, Washington, D.C., Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Tennessee) as well as Canada, Israel, China, New Zealand and Ireland. In all these places, people move so hopefully they felt a connection to the song in some way.

One thing that’s neat about Distrokid is that they make little graphics from your album artwork. For instance, here are a few:

Aren’t those cute?

Anyway, starting May 27, the beginning of one of the biggest moving weekends of the year (and toward the end of National Moving Month), hopefully those who need to hear “Our Home” will hear it!

I can’t end this post without mentioning the devastating, horrific act of evil that happened this past Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas. I can’t even think of what words to say but I’m heartbroken for the families whose loved ones never came home this week. All those innocent lives murdered in an elementary school classroom, how can this even happen? My condolences to all those affected.


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