Week #26: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

We’re halfway through 2021!

This post marks the halfway point of the 52 Weeks in 2021 project; 52 weeks in the year that I turn 52, which is the age my mom died. It’s been a nice distraction to focus on songwriting during this year – by sharing one of my original songs each week – which was overshadowed by this element of family history.

As I previously may have mentioned in a past post, she died six weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She spent her 52nd birthday in a hospital bed and never returned home, so as you can imagine, it still haunts me that she had that experience.

We never really know how much time we have left, which we were reminded of last week when a beachside condo in Florida collapsed in the middle of the night. Rescue efforts are still underway; as of today as many of 126 people remain unaccounted for, according to news reports. So far 22 people are confirmed dead, including children. It’s heartbreaking to think of the people inside those units getting ready for bed the evening before and all the plans they had that they never had a chance to pursue. My heart breaks for the survivors of those condo residents.

Hearing about tragedies like that is a reminder how limited and precious life is and how important it is that we don’t waste it.

This week’s song is called “It’s Not Over Until It’s Over” and I wrote it in 2016 after hearing a story on the radio that moved me to write it. (Unfortunately I have no memory of what the story actually was but it was a sunny day when I heard it as I was driving and was thinking about how final death is and how it takes away our ability to physically do things in this world.)

If we’re still here, there’s a reason
Whatever’s meant to be will be
I hope that whatever the season
There’ll be a time for you and me

Not only are we here on Earth for a limited time, but so are all the people alive right now. Our little blip on the timeline is shared with everyone in the world and we could possibly interact with any of them at some point (especially with the help of the Internet, which makes it more feasible than say 100 years ago.)

The chances of two people being in the same spot at that same time happens all the time, but sometimes it’s more powerful than others, such as when you run into an old friend at the grocery store.

We’re alive at the same time
Navigating our way through the maze
It’s a geographical miracle
Whenever I see your face

If you believe that everyone has a purpose, then if we’re still here then there’s something we need to do. And if it seems overwhelming because you haven’t started yet, then start.

It’s not over until it’s over
In fact it’s just begun
The credits are not rolling
There’s still work to be done

Everyone has their own struggles and the strength of a community comes from each other helping one another, especially those who have experienced challenges who helps someone else currently experiencing similar challenges.

When it’s uphill in every direction
And the path is winding and blurred
We strive to find a connection
To make sense of all we have learned

Basically, I wish everyone could have empathy for one another and try to understand what they’re going through instead of spending so much time degrading one another. We’re all in this together.

We’re all on this journey together
Doing the best that we can
Nothing lasts forever
Life often deviates from our plan

So let’s go and do positive, important things and help others do the same (and have some fun adventures along the way)!

But it’s not over until it’s over
There are chapters still to write
There’s time for another story
Before we turn out the light.

Here are some notes about the song itself: I wrote it before I started attending the songwriting sessions so it doesn’t really follow any songwriting rules. I decided to try writing it on piano (and I’m not even sure if the piano was in tune) and the recording doesn’t sound very good. But if you get past all that, you might enjoy it. It will take only about a minute and a half of your time.


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  1. We all forget how precious time is, so this song is relevant to all of us, like it or not.
    Also if the piano is slightly out of tune, it means you recorded the song on a real piano, which brings a lot of character.

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