Week #43: Switching Gears

Once in awhile a time comes where you just know it’s time for a change.

That’s what this week’s song is about. I had been at the same job for 17 years and although I still loved the concept of it, there had been many changes in the business and it was no longer a good fit. I was ready to go, and this song helped me process this decision. I felt like all signs were pointing me in a different direction, though I wasn’t sure yet what it would be.

Sometimes when you’re in this frame of mind, you start noticing things that seem guide you in a certain direction and see “signs” that are leading you to what could be the next step in your journey.

I hear your whisper in my ear
The message is clear, I can’t ignore it
Like a dream suspended in belief
I find a fantasy and I absorb it

Whether these signs are real or not, I usually choose to believe them because I believe there are things happening around us that are part of a bigger picture and sometimes I just let my imagination drift to the possibilities.

Whether it’s real is irrelevant
I don’t care as long as it helps me through
A single soul under development
Switching gears to somewhere new

Is it so unrealistic that the universe makes things available to you to guide you on the journey you want to take? Why not? You have to do the work to move forward, but the possibilities to get where you want to go are there if look for them.

I feel this could prove to be real
A steady climb uphill, no fear of falling
A stunning view all depends on you
Trust your inner voice that keeps on calling

It’s scary to take chances to bring changes into your life. Do you have the skills to make it happen? What are the best steps to take? What happens if I screw everything up or make a fool of myself?

I pray I’ll find the words to say
As I face another morning
Each day’s new light, a chance to make it right
Life can change without a warning

Whether it’s real is irrelevant
I don’t care as long as it helps me through
A single soul under development
Switching gears to somewhere new.

The signs seemed apparent at this time in my life. My work just went through a change in ownership and management so many things that I loved about my job were slowly disappearing, including some of my treasured colleagues who were let go during the transition. The building itself was under renovation, with cardboard lining the floors of the hallway as the walls were being painted. At home, a refrigerator leak flooded our kitchen and living room and we had to replace the cabinets and downstairs flooring. Renovation was happening both at home and at the office and it seemed like a good time to renovate my life as well.

In my songwriting journey, I was also experimenting with recording on my computer with an interface and here was my first attempt. I recorded the guitar and vocals separately and hadn’t yet been introduced to balancing sounds, EQ, compression or any of that. I was just trying to step up from a handheld tape recorder.

Here’s the recording of “Switching Gears” from 2017:


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