Week #24: A Cup of Coffee

This week’s song is in honor of my husband on our 16th anniversary. I actually wrote it for our 10th anniversary so as you’ll see it’s back when I was recording my songs on a little tape recorder so the quality isn’t great. But the sentiment is still there – I’m so grateful to have him in my life and very appreciative how supportive he is with my songwriting, among other things.

The song is about the simple things that show how people care for each other and being grateful for having those people in your life. In our society we’re often inundated with large gestures of affection, such as million-dollar birthday celebrations or large rocks on engagement rings, but really it’s the small, everyday gestures = like how my husband prepares my coffee each morning just the way I like it – that should be treasured as that’s what matters in the long run.

A cup of coffee on the counter waiting for me
One of the signs that you care for me
Waking in the morning with a smile on your face
Immersed in all your love, I know I’m in the right place

I will never take you for granted
I hope you know how dear you are to me

It’s not to say you should approach a relationship with rose-colored glasses. There are challenging moments in every long-term relationship and it’s OK to acknowledge that and those moments are usually what makes a relationship stronger.

Sometimes we get distracted by the weight of the world
Crashing down on us, sometimes it’s just too much
But I wouldn’t trade a moment of this journey that we’re on
As long as we’re together, our spirits remain strong

They often say in songwriting to keep the lyrics universal so listeners can relate to them, a rule I didn’t follow here as it mentions our 10th anniversary specifically and related to our wedding under the stars on a Los Angeles mountaintop. But that’s OK, the song’s not for anyone else so it doesn’t matter.

Ten years ago we stood on the mountaintop
Declaring our love under the sky
I pray that we have decades left to share
Facing the world with you by my side

And then back to the gratitude.

I will never take you for granted
I hope you know how dear you are to me

And that’s it, short and sweet.

Happy anniversary, Honey!



  1. When we met, it was like a dream. Then we tied the knot, and the dream came true : )
    The little things are everything .. and they’re easier than the big things ; )

    Happy anniversary sweetie

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