Week #8: Day by Day

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown/quarantine, I was trying to make sense of what was happening, along with everyone else.

Since today is about a year after that time, I’m doing another #FlashbackFriday post (I’m working on three new songs, but none are ready to share yet.)

I filmed this in my backyard a few weeks into being home all the time – in April 2020. It’s called “Day by Day.” It’s less than a minute long so I originally posted it as a #oneminutesong on Instagram.


Everything stopped
We were running and running around
Then the world stopped
Life as we knew it shut down
It became dangerous to be with ones you love
No longer safe to shake hands or hug

No one’s immune to this threat we face
How did we get to this place?

We’re taking it day by day
Trying to find our way
Hoping it’ll be OK
Taking it day by day
Day by day
Day by day.

At least now that the vaccines are here and people are getting vaccinated, hopefully it soon won’t be as dangerous to hug those we love.


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