Journey to my jubilee

I recently learned about the biblical jubilee year and its connection to the 50th year. It just so happens when I learned about this, I was in the middle of my jubilee year so I thought I’d mark that with a song.

Of course it would need to be a reflective song and being right in the middle of a global pandemic, there was plenty to be reflective about. First, I thought back to where I was right before the pandemic and at that time I was spending lots of time in my car, with driving the kids to school and my commute to work, which increased after our move.

I spent so much time in my car
Though I never seemed to get very far
I was dreaming where I wanted to go
Should I have kept driving down that road?

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I would have made different choices. What if I went directly to the University of Arizona after high school instead of moving to California? What if I hadn’t moved back to Arizona after living several years in Los Angeles? What if?

Of course there’s no way to know so it’s all hypothetical and there’s also no way to go back and try a different route. I have faith that everything happens for a reason and even though I may not be exactly where I thought I’d be, it’s all part of the journey I’m supposed to be on.

Life is a one-way street
No way to turn around
My faith is guiding me now
Won’t let a detour get me down

One thing we do have more control over is how we react and what we decide to do next. We can be determined to move forward, no matter what age we are and what we wish we would have done when we were younger.

I’m currently taking an online music business class at a local community college so I can be more familiar with the different elements of the music business and I’ve also signed up for a production course taught by the amazing Kris Bradley, a singer-songwriter turned music producer.

Do I wish I would have done this a couple of decades ago? Sure, but things were much different two decades ago and the technology didn’t exist to affordably record and produce your own songs from home. In those days, most aspiring songwriters needed to be “discovered” by a record label who could then pay to have their songs recorded and produced. As times change, so do opportunities.

It’s a waste of time to look back with regret so might as well try to look forward with optimism and plan what to do next, even if you’re not sure exactly what the destination is.

Roll down the window, feel the breeze in my hair
Turn up the music ’til my worries disappear
No looking back in that review mirror
I’m keeping my eyes on the road ahead

Back to being reflective…

I’ve lost my way now and then
Though when I think about where I’ve been
I see each step led me to where I needed to be
This journey to my jubilee



  1. If you had taken that other path, you would be wondering about this path. You’re doing really good music work, so keep doing that. I’m just glad to be on this path with you, both in life and in music.


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