Planting trees for the future

One day while scrolling through my Facebook feed, a post with a photo of a tree caught my eye. The person wrote that his father had planted that tree decades earlier in the yard of his childhood home. The reason this post caught my eye was because I knew his father died more than 30 years earlier.

There was something so touching about the idea that the tree his father had planted still stands, providing shade and all the other tree benefits to people today.

This next song came from seeing that Facebook post.

The tree was planted long ago
He who planted it didn’t know
Who it would shelter from the sun
He just did what needed to be done 

When you think of all the work people in the past have done so we can have what we have today, it’s pretty amazing. With some exceptions, many people who have provided all of this never received recognition, such as all those who have planted all the trees that we now enjoy (which is a metaphor for many other things than trees).

He wasn’t seeking glory or fame
Nobody even knows his name
But the world is a better place
Because he was here

Each individual has the power to do one small thing that can change the world and make it better for the future.

It takes only one
One kind gesture, one kind word
It takes only one
Only one to change the world

Here’s a thank you to those whose work has helped make our world a better place, even if we don’t know who you are and can’t thank you personally.

His name’s not on any building
He was never honored for his deed
He never expected recognition
He looked around and found a need

Just as our ancestors planted trees for us, now it’s our turn to do the same for future generations (literally and figuratively).

The tree was planted long ago
It took many years to grow
Now it’s time to plant our own
Because we are here

It takes only one
One kind gesture, one kind word
It takes only one
Only one to change the world
Only we can change the world.


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