Drawing from my inner teenager

One thing that’s fun about writing songs is that although they are often very personal, other times they will take you in a totally different direction.

For instance, this next one, “Crushed,” I go back in time to my teenage days when I often had crushes on boys I never spoke to. Sometimes I walked down a certain hallway in hopes of seeing them and other times I even walked a whole different way to school for the possibility he might wave at me from across the street.

I know I’m never on your mind
Though I think about you all the time
I’m crushed crushed crushed
Crushed crushed crushed

I sync myself inside your day
As precious moments slip away
I’m crushed crushed crushed
Crushed crushed crushed

I also spent some time on a Facebook rock star fan page, where I witnessed that teenage crushes make quite an impact that can last for decades.

Sometimes I think I’m going crazy
From this obsession in my head
There’s never any resolution
It simmers silently instead

I wondered if that ever gets old for the person receiving this attention.

Do you ever tire of overwhelming desire
A tidal wave of emotion, intoxicated devotion

And then there’s that realization that it’s one-sided.

I know to you I don’t exist
I have come to accept this.

I don’t have much to say about this one, except I like the guitar playing – it has a different strum than my previous songs and would work well on an electric guitar.


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