It’s not over until it’s over

One afternoon I was listening to a news story on the radio and although I don’t remember the details about what it was, I was struck by something the radio show hosts said.

Although I don’t recall any details, I do remember driving in my car listening to the radio on a sunny day feeling sad about the story they were discussing and thinking about how final death is. During the course of our lives, we typically have the ability to make a difference in the world, but once we die, we lose that ability.

If we’re still here, there’s a reason, whatever’s meant to be will be

Then somehow it also became a song about two people searching for each other

I hope that whatever the season, there’ll be a time for you and me

We’re alive at the same time navigating our way through the maze
It’s a geographical miracle whenever I see your face

Then back to the main theme:

It’s not over ’til it’s over, in fact it’s just begun
The credits are not rolling, there’s still work to be done

Yes, live is full of challenges, but if we help each other during these difficult times, we can work through these challenges.

When it’s uphill in every direction and the path is winding and blurred
We strive to find a connection to make sense of all we have learned
We’re all on this journey together, doing the best that we can
Nothing lasts forever, life often deviates from our plan

And back to the main theme:

But it’s not over ’til it’s over, there are chapters still to write
There’s time for another story before we turn out the light.

I wrote this one on piano and although I don’t play it very often, sometimes I sing it and I still really like it although I don’t think it follows the standard songwriting rules.


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