You are not alone

In November 2015, terrorists coordinated attacks in Paris. In a span of about three hours, gunmen and suicide bombers killed 130 people and wounded hundreds at a concert hall, a stadium, restaurants and bars. Innocent people enjoying their time off eating, attending a sports game, listening to music.

In the days that followed, the media covered the aftermath of the attacks, which included stories of the victims and reactions from loved ones.

I wrote this this next song, “You Are Not Alone” for all of those who lost loved ones in terrorist attacks.

You are in tomorrow, I’m still in today
You can’t feel my sorrow, you’re too far away
Although we may be strangers, I’m standing by your side
Grieving in your shadow as you say your goodbyes

You are not alone
The world may seem so cold
If it brings you any solace, know
that you are not alone

The song’s message includes the realization that those not personally connected to the attacks will move on to the next news cycle of stories, but the victims’ loved ones will always be affected.

In time a heart will heal, I know that’s not how you feel
I wish that I could take your pain away
Darkness on the evening news, time stands still as the world resumes
Moving forward yet stalled in yesterday

This felt like more of a piano song than guitar, so I wrote it on piano. I found a piano book we had around the house that had some examples of chords so I picked a couple of chords that I felt went with the song. It definitely didn’t come out how I imagined it in my head and looking back at it, I like the message and some of the lyrics, but as a whole, it needs some work.


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